Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Metal Madness - Orly Iron Butterfly

For my second metallic this week I choose Orly Iron Butterfly (also in the recent package from Head 2 Toe).   Let me start by saying I love this polish...LOVE.  I saw swatches on line and new that I had to possess it. I even liked how this one looked matte!
Orly Iron Butterfly 3 coats no top, excuse the dirty cuticles please, this stuff is a beast to get out of dried skin.
It applied nice and thin and smooth, though that means all the ridges in my nails are apparent.   Again as a matte, foil-like polish it dried pretty much instantly.  Application was easy and full coverage was easily attained with 2 coats (though this is 3 since I had issues with 2 chipping).  As a matte this looks like really tarnished silver or pewter, a blackened silver if you will.

I am not sure If I can really call this a metallic, I mean it has silver in it but it also has a lot of black/charcoal.  It reminds me a lot of Man Glaze's Matte is Murder except more sparkly.  Up close it was almost like a black matte with silver micro glitter though.
Close up of Orly Iron Butterfly without top.  Its blurry but you can see the weird mottled pattern that is present in the Orly Metal Chic Metallic Matte collection.  The Glam Rock has a similar pattern.
I had a REALLY hard time keeping this on my nails, it just kept chipping.  I'm not sure if it was my base coat or what (I am thinking about trying the Orly Bonder with it, has anyone used it?).  Eventually I just touched up the chips and slapped on a top coat to solve the problem.  Interesting side note...when you remove this polish (and the Glam Rock) you end up with a nice smooth layer of just the silver initially.  The remover seems to take the gray or copper polish off before the silver foil (I think its foil).  This made touch ups easy as pie since I could use a dab of polish and have a nice smooth surface of silver foil to paint.  No weird ridges from filling in chips. 
Iron Butterfly (3 coats) with top
As much as I love this as a matte, I love it even more with a topcoat on it.  It gives the polish a whole different look.  Much more black and silver glittery and less tarnished metal.  The gloss seems to accentuate the individual silver bits and make the charcoal look darker.

Iron Butterfly with top coat up close and personal
I didn't get the Solid Gold as it reminds me a lot of OPI Bling Dynasty, well the antiqued gold part does.  I know the style of polish is completely different but I already have 3 antique gold polishes.  Does anyone have both Solid Gold and Bling Dynasty?  How close are the colors?

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