Monday, March 1, 2010

Metal Madness Day 1 - Orly Glam Rock

Ok so for day one of Metal Madness week I decided to try out my brand new bottle of Orly Glam Rock.  I fell in love with both this and Iron Butterfly after seeing them on Scrangie recently.  Of course I had ignored them for months at Sally's and had to order them from Head 2 Toe, but happily they were still available and it gave me an excuse to place an order.

This is an interesting polish, I think it is a foil but I am not 100% sure.  It applies thin and covers completely in 2 coats (though I did 3).  On a side note, don't try to paint your nails with polish that has been sitting on the porch all day after being delivered when it is below 40 degrees outside. The polish looked mixed, I shook it even more and its still applied funky.  I painted at night and had some inconsistencies so I waited until morning and then started from scratch with a nice room temperature bottle.   It dries to a matte finish which I wasn't crazy about on the Glam Rock, but it does dry very quickly!
Glam Rock (3 coats) with flash
I had a really hard time capturing how copper this polish looks.  It is kind of a mottled copper with silver up close.  I wasn't loving it matte so I put on a nice layer of Seche.
Glam Rock (3 coats) with top.  Again it isn't nearly this gold in person 
This photo show how copper Glam Rock really is

See how the silver and copper are mixed together on the nail.  Its really unique.
One of the things I love about copper is it seems to look great on everyone.  One of my friends painted her nails with it too and we took a picture so you can see how nice it complements a wide range of complexions (because yes I am pasty white).


  1. I love the final picture of this post! Lovely polish as well :D